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Peersnest is Africa’s online learning platform modifying and equalizing learning opportunity in  Africa with both free and paid courses. Exploring Africa ! with curriculum divided into units, modules, and learning activities. The learning activities in each module vary in length of time needed for completion. Both students and teachers should feel free to navigate through the units, modules, and learning activities autonomously, or communally with a class, study partner, or teacher. Feel free to select one or two learning activities from a module, or complete all of the learning activities in the order in which they are presented

For instructors, we offer a Lesson Plans digital booklet in our store if you want to bring become a tutor or instructor on Peersnest. The Exploring Africa Lesson Plans digital booklet consists of numerous lesson plans designed around our curriculum, and includes homework sheets, information sheets, and additional helpful text and information to supplement your lesson plans. Each lesson plan is only one way to standardize teachings on this platform, so please feel free to adapt each lesson to your unique classrooms as needed.

Peersnest offers a free fully online study opportunity – no need to travel to classes after work in the evening! These courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and are fully adaptable to all device types. Peersnest recognizes the ever-growing need for learning in the corporate professional community – the need for practical skills improvement, workplace-applicable knowledge, professional development, workplace competence and career progression opportunities.

Digital  Campus offers the most career-oriented online learning in Africa, combining the renowned strength of education content with the business acumen and online learning capability of Ministry of education Performance , one of Africa’s leading performance and learning education system.